Municipal Court

Changed Lane when Unsafe$284.90
Child Passenger Safety Seat Violation
Defective Tail Lamp$234.90
Disorderly Conduct (Abusive Language)$315.00
Disorderly Conduct (Fighting)$315.00
Displaying Expired License Plate$184.90
Driving while License Suspended
Driving without Lights when Required
Driving with Expired Driver’s License
Failed to Control Speed
Failed to Display Driver’s License
Fail to Drive in Single Lane
Fail to Signal Turn
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way$284.90
Fail to Yield Right-of-Way to Emergency Vehicle
Fail to Signal Lane Change
Minor in Possession (Tobacco)$165.00
No Drivers’ License$334.00
No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (1st offense)$347.00
No Motor Vehicle Liability Insurance (2nd offense)$464.00
No Seat Belt - Driver or Passenger$284.90
Open Container in Vehicle$265.00
Public Disturbance (Loud Noise)$165.00
Public Intoxication$265.00
Ran Red Light$284.90
Ran Stop Sign$284.90
All Speeding Violations$334.00
All School Zone Speeding Violations$359.00

If the fine is not listed please contact the Municipal Court @ (903) 586-7111.