City Manager

  1. Greg Smith was appointed City Manager in March 2018, with 18 years of experience. Greg comes from Shenandoah, where he served as a city administrator for eight years, and has also been the City Manager in Angleton, Henderson and Overton.  Greg received a Bachelor Degree from Stephen F. Austin and a Master Degree in Business Administration from LeTourneau University.  

    The City Council appoints the City Manager, who serves as Chief Administrative Officer by executing the laws and administering the government of the city, as directed by the City Council policies. The City Manager oversees a consolidated budget and is responsible for all non-appointed city staff, which includes 135+ full-time employees.  

    The City Manager performs highly responsible managerial and supervisory work in planning, organizing, and directing the operations of the city. Duties include: 

    • Administering policies established by the City Council and by law.
    • Coordinating and directing all departments and staff operations.
    • Coordinating, developing, and implementing administrative procedures.
    • Overall supervision of projects, city financing, and intergovernmental relationships.
    • Selecting, developing, and effectively utilizing staff.