Animal Control

Mission Statement

Animal Control promotes and protects the welfare of our citizens and animals.  Our goal is to promote responsible pet ownership and to prevent the spread of animal borne diseases.  In addition, we will provide services, care, registration, animal control and public safety for our commmunity.  We strive to promote adoptions of healthy, non-aggressive animals to the public, while providing temporary shelter for stray, unwanted or homeless animals.

Adopt A Pet

We have many animals both cats and dogs that need loving homes. If you think that your family is ready for a loving animal then you have to come see us. We have wonderful, playful dogs and cats that are just waiting to be able to leave the shelter with their new family.

What We Are About

We have had a busy year in 2018.  As of October, we have adopted out, fostered or sent rescues over 400 animals.  We are on track to handle over 500 animals by the end of the year.  We have accomplished this with continued support from community partnership and a dedicated staff.  No animals have been put down for overcrowding and we strive to operate a low-kill shelter.

We look forward to moving to our new facility located at 208 Tena Street in early 2019.

Animal Control Building

Animal Shelter/Animal Control

601 Woodlawn

Jacksonville, TX 75766