Ambulance Service

The Jacksonville Fire Department not only serves in fire suppression, but provides emergency medical transportation.  The current fleet of four ambulances manned by the Fire Department are classified under the Texas Department of State Health Services as BLS with ALS capability units.   This ranking allows for every aspect of pre-hospital emergency care to be administered in the field.  The City of Jacksonville utilizes the ambulance service in two capacities; 911 emergency service, and non-911 medical transportation. 

On average, the Jacksonville Fire Department responds to 3,300 ambulance calls annually.  Approximately 900 of the 3,300 calls are categorized as non-911 emergency medical transports, while the remaining 2,400 are emergencies.  The Jacksonville Fire Department Ambulance Service provides 911 coverage within the corporate city limits of the City of Jacksonville, and has a mutual aid agreement with UT Health EMS Service that provides EMS coverage outside the city limits of Jacksonville. 

The City of Jacksonville offers its citizens an Ambulance Subscription that can be paid through their water utility bill for a fee of $8.00 a month.  Citizens can sign up for this program at City Hall or fil out the online fillable registration form shown below, along with description of subscription.