Lake Jacksonville Updates

Lake Jacksonville to Remain Closed to Swimming, Beach Activities, and Public Gatherings

Until further notice, the City of Jacksonville has determined to keep Lake Jacksonville closed to swimming and beach activities. This applies to both the Recreation/ Concession Stand areas, Kiwanis Park, and other swimming areas accessible from City and County roads. Fishing tournaments continue to be banned as they are considered public gatherings - just as tournament use of golf courses are banned - in accordance with Governor Abbott’s Executive Orders.

The Lake remains open to other boating activities and personal watercraft, and picnic areas remain open for public use with safe social distancing practices. These include keeping a safe – six foot or further – distance from other occupants, washing hands consistently, and the recommended use of facemasks.

In response to incidences of public disregard of closed areas marked by signage, the City has installed temporary barriers to prevent individuals from entering closed areas. “It is a City ordinance violation to disregard barriers enforceable with a citation.” Says, Police Chief Joe Williams. “Please abide by these temporary restrictions to keep yourself and others safe.” The barriers are intended to be an effective deterrent while not obstructing the views of lawful Lake-goers.

“The City takes the health and safety of all park and Lake users very seriously.” Says, Mayor Randy Gorham. “We want our residents and our visitors to enjoy the Lake and to obey the law.”