Hazel Tilton Park (City Park)


In Spring of 2022, the Fire Department officially moved from the Central Fire Station in Hazel Tilton Park downtown to their new Public Safety Complex at 911 South Bolton. When that move was complete, the City began work to develop the space back into a park and gathering space for the community for events. 


The project began in Spring 2022 when the Fire Department vacated the space. The City has been making incremental progress since then with structural enhancements expected to be complete by the end of 2024. 

Project Updates

February 2024

Architectural plans have passed structural engineering review and were delivered complete to staff. The stage structure and restroom structure will be put out for competitive construction bid advertisement soon. 

October 2023

Architectural plans for stage and restroom structures submitted for structural engineering review.

September 2023

Former fire station location leveled, irrigated, and sodded in preparation for park improvements. 

Hazel Tilton Park Sod Installed

August 2023

Former Central Fire Station demolition and cleanup complete.

Hazel Tilton Park Leveled

June 2023

Staff engaged Jennings Architects to design the proposed restroom and stage structures.

June 15, 2023

Central Fire Station demolition began.

May 5, 2023

City Staff had renderings developed for what the project could look like. The renderings include a safety and acoustic wall between the park and US 79, a stage structure for performances, and restrooms.

Hazel Tilton Park Aerial Rendering