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The Jacksonville Citizen Police Academy is a 30-hour block of instruction designed to give the public a working knowledge of the Jacksonville Police Department's personnel and policies.  It consists of twelve weeks of classes, held on Tuesday night each week for three hours.  The instruction covers a different area of the police department each week.  Officers, supervisors and personnel assigned to that particular division conduct each instructional block.

JCPA Members of the Jacksonville Citizen Police Academy  
 Alumni Association volunteers at the Children's Health Fair at the Norman Activity Center 


The class is made up of a cross section of the Jacksonville community.  The Academy is held at least once each year.  The minimum age for enrollment is 21 years of age. You must live or work in Jacksonville to be eligible to attend.


The Jacksonville CPA was created in order to provide enough information to the citizens who attend so that they may make informed judgments about the police department and police activity.  It is further hoped that the instruction will dispel suspicions and misconceptions and increase police/ community rapport through this educative process.  The department, in turn, becomes more aware of the needs and concerns of the community from the participants' interaction and input.  It is, indeed, a two-way learning experience.



Members from the Jacksonville Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association 

help Crime Prevention officer Tonya Harris fingerprint children at Wal-Mart during the Cinco de Mayo celebration


The Jacksonville CPA covers such diverse topics as training, communications, investigations, DWI procedures, crime prevention, domestic violence, juvenile law, crime scenes, officer safety issues,  Texas Penal Code and Texas Code of Criminal Procedure. Emphasis is placed on the patrol division since it is that segment of the department with which the public most often comes into contact.  Instruction during the classes consists of lectures, demonstrations and tours

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If  would like to speak with an officer about the Citizen Police Academy contact: Detective Tonya Harris at (903) 586-8336.