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Business Watch Program

Jacksonville Police Department is pleased to sponsor Business Watch, a cooperative crime prevention program for local businesses and police. The primary goal of Business Watch is to reduce crime that affects Jacksonville  businesses. The department offers crime-prevention training to Business Watch members, but that's just the beginning. Business Watch builds relationships with the police department and among the business community. Like Neighborhood Watch, these relationships:

  • Lead to a cooperative effort to prevent crime.thCAUJ
  • Provide timely security information to the police (and other businesses).
  • Catch criminals in the act.
  • Support the safety and security of Mountain View businesses.


In addition, you can help educate patrol officers on the specific issues and concerns of your business, so we're better able to work proactively and keep watch over problem areas. Meeting Topics

  • Fraud and counterfeiting
  • Shoplifting prevention
  • City crime trends
  • Employee & customer safety
  • Crime prevention through environmental design


Reasons to Join Business Watch

  • Get to know your business neighbors.
  • Gain useful information about crime and prevention.
  • Benefit from police and city resources you may not know about.
  • Optimize your communications with the police department


If you would like to join the Jacksonville Business Watch contact Detective Tonya Harris, Crime Prevention Officer at (903) 586-2546 or (903) 586-6926.

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