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Business Security Surveys:

 The Jacksonville police Department has an officer that is certified to do Business Security Surveys. You will need to call and make an appointment to have a security check completed at your business. Depending on how large your business is, it usually takes one to two hours to complete an extensive security survey. Please call a couple of weeks in advance to make sure you can schedule a time that is good for you and the officer.


Business watch program:

The Business Watch Program is a partnership between the business community and the Jacksonville Police Department.  ItthCAUJ enables individual businesses to take and active part in preventing and reducing crime on business premises through sharing information, raising awareness and improving communication as a partnership. Business Watch works by two-way communication between program members and the Jacksonville Police Department. The Jacksonville Police Department will be implementing an e-newsletter for a business watch alert. Alerts warn members about forged, stolen or lost checks and credit cards, stolen identities, counterfeit bills and checks, names and account numbers of person’s actively passing bad checks, current business scams, shoplifters, area vandalism, and other topics of interest that may arise. In turn, businesses will warn the other Business watch members by forwarding that information over the program’s network. Also included in the Business watch program would be training for your business put on by the Crime prevention officer at Jacksonville Police Department. A list of programs offered are listed below.


Business watch programs:

Fraud prevention:

  • Bad check prevention and procedures
  • Robbery prevention
  • Operation Identification
  • Shoplifting prevention
  • Consumer fraud prevention
  • Employee theft prevention
  • Embezzlement prevention methods
  • Computer crime prevention
  • Prevention Identity Theft


Business safety:

  • Robbery safety
  • outdoor safety
  • workplace safety
  • alarms and building safety



Neighborhood Watch:

This is a community program which operates with police guidance and support. The program is a very good one for improving theNeighborhood Watch cohesiveness of a neighborhood as well as making it a better and safer place to live.  It is really a collaboration between the community and the police department to insure every effort is made to keep the area a safe friendly place to live. If you live in a neighborhood that has a watch program in effect, we recommend you contact your local coordinator or block captain to join. If you do not have an established neighborhood watch program, contact the police department to obtain assistance in starting one. To get started talk with a few of your neighbors and find out if you have enough interested residents to get a watch started. To have a viable watch, you need a minimum of 40 % to 50% of the residents to participate (although you don’t need them all to show up for your meeting to start things off).Then pick a time and place for a meeting. Call the police department and schedule to have the Crime Prevention Officer come out and provide an overview of the program and explain what you need to do to form your neighborhood watch. Our officer will explain all the criteria and have some handouts for everyone in attendance, and answer any questions. Once you have met the criteria, your group can order your signs and the contact the Crime Prevention Officer at the police department, to have your watch signs installed at the entrances to your neighborhood. This will let everyone know that you have a neighborhood watch in effect. In addition, the Police department is available to meet with your watches as you have meetings to discuss crime prevention in your neighborhood. Also, the Crime Prevention Officer will be starting an e-newsletter for anyone interested.  The e-newsletter will be available to all neighborhood watch members who are interested.



Educational & Safety presentation:

The Jacksonville Police Department Crime Prevention Officer is available to give presentations to elementary schools, church groups, and civic groups on a variety of different topics. Some of the topics we cover are personal safety, bicycle safety, Scams, Identity theft, Senior Safety, Scams and Cons, stranger danger, and any other topic that you may have. For further explanation, see descriptions below. For information about the topics of presentation given, please contact the Jacksonville Police Crime Prevention Officer at (903) 586-2546 or (903) 586-6926.


 Senior Programs:

This is a program geared to the Senior Citizen’s of the community. They are a valuable asset in the community and need some guidance at some point. You can call the Crime Prevention Officer at the Police department during the hours of 8am-7pm Mon-Thurs. to schedule a program. Some of the programs for seniors include, but are not limited to Mail fraud, Con Artists and scams, Check fraud, purse snatching's, Home security, safety in town and Physical and mental abuse.



 Stranger Danger:

This is one of our more popular programs. The Police Department spends many hours each year in our elementary schools teaching this program to our younger residents. We also go to day care centers, churches, or other organizations that request this training for a group of children. The program teaches children who strangers are and how to behave if approached by a stranger. Call to make an appointment for this program.



 Bicycle Safety & Registration: 

Another popular program with our elementary school children. The coursethCATUS teaches kids the basics of checking their bicycle’s equipment to ensure it is safe to operate. We also focus on correct methods of operating a bicycle including procedures for following the rules of the road while riding. This includes proper hand signals to endure drivers know what their intentions are. A bicycle rodeo can also be incorporated into this program if sufficient participation and space is available. You can call and set up an appointment to bring your bicycle to the police department so that it can be registered. The police have a difficult time in recovering bicycles that have not been registered or the owner does not have the serial number.



 Other Children programs:


  • Eddie Eagle Program: A gun safety and accident DSCFprevention program for children
  • Mc Gruff  Program:  Educates children about Crime Prevention, stranger danger, gangs and drugs.
  • Child Identification: This is a child fingerprinting program that allows parents to maintain a record of essential information on their child(ren) in the event of an emergency.






Mc Gruff Truck:

This program involves the utilization of marked city service vehicles or local Utilities companies as a point of refuge for children that may be lost, injured or in danger. Employees of these companies who man the vehicles are trained in dealing with children in times of duress, safety and liability issues as well as the program’s policies. In addition to the training of the employees, educational programs are presented to all elementary schools annually.

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