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Complaints and Citations


A complaint or citation is an allegation that certain actions on your part are unlawful or illegal. You must not ignore these charges and must appear in Municipal Court to answer these charges by entering a plea. If you were given a citation or a complaint by a Police Officer, the appearance date will appear on the citation/complaint.

What plea should I enter to the charges filed against me?

You are presumed to be innocent under our system of justice until proven guilty. You may enter one of three pleas:

  • Plea Of Not Guilty
  • Plea of Guilty
  • Plea Of No Contest (also known as nolo contendere)

If your plea is "not guilty," your case will be set for trial.

If you enter a plea of guilty or no contest, you will be fined or sentenced immediately.

What about having an attorney represent me?

The Municipal Court does not appoint defense counsel. That is your responsibility if you desire to have an attorney represent you. You are not required to have an attorney in a court trial but may represent yourself if you desire. No one else may represent you in Municipal Court.

Sshould I request a trial by jury?
You may, by giving notice to the Municipal Court Clerk, at least 10 days prior to your trial date, to request a trial before a jury.

Can I testify at my trial?
Yes, you will be able to testify, hear all testimony introduced against you and have the right to cross-examine all witnesses who testify against you. You may also subpoena witnesses by requesting the Municipal Court Clerk, at least 10 days prior to your trial date, to subpoena these witnesses. If you personally testify, you will give up your right not to testify and will be subject to cross-examination by the City Attorney.

Can I pay my fine online?
Yes, click on the following link to pay online:  https://trafficpayment.com/InvoiceInfo.aspx?csdId=236


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