Athletic & Summer Programs

Athletic Leagues

Junior Baseball

Season starts first week in April.

Junior Softball

Season Starts first week in April.

Junior Basketball

Schedule to be assigned.

Youth Soccer

This program is offered in fall. The schedule for fall season is to be assigned.

Youth Soccer 

This program is offered in spring. The season starts first week in April. 

Youth Football

Schedule to be assigned.

Summer Programs

Buckner Park Pool

Activities offered at the Buckner Park Pool starts the weekend of June 3rd and ending date depends on school schedule.

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons are $40 per-session, and must be paid in person to the Public & Community Services Office @ 1220 S. Bolton St. The two sessions are June 3-13 and, June 17-27. For more information, please contact Kristie Marks (903) 589-3510