Fishing Lake Jacksonville

Lake Characteristics 

  •     Location: 3 miles southwest of Jacksonville off U.S. 79
  •     Surface area: 1,320 acres
  •     Maximum depth: 62 feet
  •     Impounded: 1957

Water Conditions

  • Current Lake Level
  • Conservation Pool Elevation: 422 feet Mean Sea Level
  • Fluctuation: 3 feet
  • Normal Clarity: Clear to fairly clear 
  • Reservoir Controlling Authority: Jacksonville Municipal Water Supply

Fishing Regulations

Most species are managed with statewide regulations. One exception is a minimum length limit of 18 inches for Large-mouth Bass (also known as Black Bass). The daily bag limit for Large-mouth and Spotted Bass (also known as Kentucky Bass) is five fish in any combination.

Triploid Grass Carp Permit

Triploid Grass Carp Permit is in effect on this lake. If a grass carp is caught, it must be immediately returned to the water unharmed. Bow fishing for grass carp is strictly prohibited.

Fishing Cover/Structure

Anglers need to find deep structure to catch a volume of fish. Large-mouth Bass should be sought along the face of the dam and around patches of native vegetation in Cat Creek and Byrd Branch. Drop offs along the island across from the marina can also be productive.

For contour and landmarks, check the Fishing Map of Lake Jacksonville.