Animal Control

Mission Statement

Our mission is help rescue homeless animals and find new homes for them. Also, to teach the public to be responsible pet owners through education on the importance of rabies vaccinations, spaying and neutering and proper care of their animals.

Adopt A Pet

We have many animals both cats and dogs that need loving homes. If you think that your family is ready for a loving animal then you have to come see us. We have wonderful, playful dogs and cats that are just waiting to be able to leave the shelter with their new family.

What We Are About

We opened our doors around March of last year (2015) and from May 2015 until May 2016 we have adopted out, fostered or sent to rescues over 250 animals. No animals have been put down for overcrowding. We want to continue to try our best to be a Low-Kill shelter, but we will need to community's help in doing so.