Fallen Officers

A Fallen Officer

By Restless Envy

The streets are all lined By Policemen today For one of our own Has been taken away. The badges we wear Shining brightly so well Are blackened today For a comrade who fell The feelings are deep And are mixed to a man The death of a friend Is a hard think to stand.

The hearse passes by With all heads staring straight Our eyes water now For we all know our fate With hearts weighted down With both sorrow and pain We say our farewell 'til we meet him again The public we serve Also out in full force To pay their respects To a policeman of course.

We see so much grief In our everyday toil, But nothing compares To the ride to the soil. For when we had laid Our companion away We realize the chance That we take every day We work on the streets By both day and by night With never a thought That we could lose the fight.

The pain of this day And the sorrow will pass Tomorrow will come But the memories will last. We won't soon forget Of our dear fallen friend We buried today To the Lord did we sent. We'll always remember That way that he tried The goodness he showed And the way that he died.

Our job is our love And tomorrow we too Put our lives on the line Just as he did for you And wherever you are And whatever you do Remember us now The policeman in blue.

Fallen Officer Salute