Human Resources

  1. Maintains all employee and applicant documentation as dictated by governing agencies.
  2. Manages and tracks all employee disciplinary action.
  3. Maintains and processes all Unemployment Notices of Entitlement and potential charges in a timely, efficient manner. Attends unemployment hearings when necessary.
  4. Assists with recruitment tasks as needed (reviews applications, interviews).
  5. Maintains employee personnel files.
  6. Maintains and updates current employee information.
  7. Ensures compliance with USCIS Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification; periodically audits Forms I-9.
  8. Reports, maintains and monitors all workers' compensation case files; follows-up on open cases.
  9. Monitors employee eligibility for benefits plans. Reviews benefits with employees and processes enrollment, cancellation or changes. Organizes and manages annual open enrollment communications and election process. Maintains and distributes list of new and cancelled employees under each benefit plan. Verifies benefit billing accuracy and processes for payment.
  10. Payroll
  11. Files Insurance claims
  12. Employee orientation and intake