The City is excited to roll-out the new AMI project. While the project is nearly complete, due to the excessive rainfall our original May completion date has been extended to June 30. This means that the average usage billing for residential customers will continue for the month of June. 

For the month of June (bills due in July). The billing schedule is as follows: 

  • Cycle 1: Council Districts 1 & 2 
    • Billed on the 15th of each month
    • Due on the 5th of the following month
  • Cycle 2: Council Districts 3 & 4
    • Billed on the 30th of each month 
    • Due on the 20th of the following month

*Starting with July residential customers will be billed for actual usage.

*All customers will receive a new account number that corresponds with their council district. It is important to note that only the first digit will change. EXAMPLE if you live in District 1 your number will change from 033-3333333-333 to 133-3333333-333.

The City is pleased to announce additional discounts for customers who take advantage of electronic billing and payments. Below is a list of the discounts:

  • $1 discount for customers who sign up for electronic billing. 
  • $2 discount for ACH payments. 
  • $1 for timely online payment through the City’s website.

If a customer is already set up for ACH, these credits will be automatically deducted from your account. 

  • Customers, please verify if you use your bank to send payments for your utility bill, that the account number and due date is accurate.
  • For customers who do not live within Jacksonville city limits, your billing cycle will be based on the nearest Council district.