Lake Jacksonville Residents

City Announces Improvements to Lake Gas Sales IMG_3121

The City of Jacksonville is pleased to announce improvements to gas sales at the Lake Jacksonville gas pump. 

The City will continue to only sell Ethanol-free Super Unleaded (93-octane) gas, and the cost to the customer will be adjustable based off market rate. 

In addition, the City is pleased to offer gas purchase Key Fobs for Lake residents. This water-resistant key, and floating keychain can be secured on any watercraft. It provides for a quick method of payment secured with an individual pin, and electronically linked to a credit card of your choice or other payment options listed in the application. Multiple Fobs can be placed on a single account. This Key Fob also allows you to purchase fuel even if the pump’s internet connection is down.

While owning a key is not required, interested residents are asked to read and acknowledge a ‘License and Use Agreement’ and fill out an application, both of which are downloadable at the below links. The application can be emailed to the Finance Department at the link below.

The Key Fob issuance fee is $25 per Fob. While there are no fees to maintain activation, there are fees for issues such as replacing a lost key or for insufficient funds. More details about the program are covered in the use agreement. Further questions about the program can be directed to the City of Jacksonville Finance Department. The credit card payment system will continue to operate as normal.