1972 Time Capsule

On May 11, 1972, during the Centennial Celebrations of the founding of Jacksonville, a time capsule was buried in City Park at the corner of Mail Street and Larissa Street. A monument marked the location of the capsule and inscribed on the monument were instructions that the capsule be opened during the Sesquicentennial celebrations of the founding of Jacksonville, 2022. 

To ensure they could locate it on the day of the opening, the capsule was dug up on April 28, 2022 by city staff. It was found roughly five feet from the monument. Staff relocated the capsule to just in front of the monument, reburying it unopened. 

On May 11, 2022, the capsule was opened in front of a crowd of over 200 and live-streamed on social media, exactly 50 years after it was buried. A list of the items found in the capsule along with photos of each item and a video of the event will be available on this site, on Facebook, and on YouTube soon. Links will be posted below. 

Time Capsule Monument
Committee with Shovels
Cutting the Time Capsule Open
Time Capsule Contents

Photos by: Jessica T. Payne/Tyler Morning Telegraph

Time Capsule Contents

Below are the contents of the time capsule with descriptions of what each item is. 

Brother of the Brush Button

Brother of the Brush Button given to those who grew a beard for the Centennial Celebration in 1972.

Centennial Lies Competition Button

Peddlers Permit Button given to those who participated in the Lying competition.

KEBE Radio 5.11.72 Broadcast Recording

Kebe Radio station broadcast tape recording box from May 11, 1972. 

Jacksonville, New Summerfield, Rusk, June 1971 Phone Book

Jacksonville, New Summerfield, and Rusk phone book from June, 1971.

Lets Call It Jacksonville play Tickets

Reserved Seating, General Admission, and Children's Admission tickets to the "Let's Call it Jacksonville" performance held in the Tomato Bowl in celebration of the Centennial. 

Wooden Centennial Coin Front
Chamber of Commerce Letter

Letter from Chamber President E. R. Gregg Jr. to the current President of the Chamber of Commerce. Please click on the image above to read it.

Chamber of Commerce Brochure and Map

Jacksonville Brochure. Please click on it to see the inside pages of the brochure.

Centennial Play Table Tent

Jacksonville Centennial Pageant table tent advertisement.

Brother of the Brush Certificate

Brothers of the Brush Certificate

Smoothies Club Certificate

Smoothies Club Certificate for those who didn't grow a beard for the Centennial Celebration.

Shaving Permit Button

Shaving Permit Button given to those who chose not to grow a beard for the Centennial Celebration.

Centennial Bell Garter

Red and black garters worn by the Centennial Belles.

KEBE Radio Broadcast Tape

Kebe Radio station broadcast tape recording from May 11, 1972. 

Centennial Book

Jacksonville Centennial Book

First Presbyterian Church Business Card

Business Card for Duane Farris, Minister of the First Presbyterian Church.

Wooden Centennial Coin Back
Cherokee County Judge Letter

Letter from Cherokee County Judge Orvan B. Jones to the current County Judge. Please click on the image above to read it.

Call it Jacksonville Poster 2

"Let's Call it Jacksonville" Program

Former Citizen Certificate

Jacksonville Former Citizen Certificate awarded at the centennial celebration to those who came but no longer lived in town.

Centennial Name Tag and Newspaper Clipping

John Trout's Centennial Name tag and Newspaper Clipping.

Jacksonville Centennial Corporation Stock Share

Jacksonville Centennial Corporation Stock

Centennial Belle Button

Centennial Belle Button

Centennial Hair Bow

Jacksonville Centennial Bow Tie presumably worn in the hair of Centennial Belles.

May 11, 1972 Jacksonville Daily Progress

May 11, 1972 Jacksonville Daily Progress Newspaper. If you want a closer look, you can come see it at the Museum.

JISD Drumbeat Newspaper

The Drumbeat Newspaper published May 5, 1972 by the Jacksonville Senior High School.

Call it Jacksonville Program-Cast List

"Let's Call it Jacksonville" performance poster.

City Time Capsule Letter Page 1

Letter from Mayor Philip Pavletich to the current City Council.

Call it Jacksonville Poster 1

"Let's Call it Jacksonville" Poster

Pioneer Recognition Certificate for living in Jacksonville Over 50 years

Pioneer Recognition Certificate awarded to those who had lived in Jacksonville for more than 50 years.

Centennial Belles Certificate

Centennial Belles Certificate

Little Shavers Certificate

Little Shaver Certificate