Texas LESO Program

The Texas Department of Public Safety manages a program for law enforcement agencies that allows the acquisition, possession and usage of surplus Department of Defense equipment that can be utilized for criminal justice purposes. The Jacksonville Police Department has participated in the program for many years and intends on potentially acquiring additional surplus property within the next 12 months.

The Jacksonville Police Department may screen, possess, or acquire any of the following surplus Department of Defense property:

Weapons (pistols, shotguns, long rifles), Weapon modification kits, Weapon parts, Training Weapons. Aircraft (Fixed & Rotary), Aircraft parts, Armored Vehicles (MRAPs, Peacekeepers, Armored HMMWVs & NTAVS), Vehicle parts, Weapon-mounted optics & lasers, Handheld Optics & lasers, Night Vision Devices (including thermal equipment), Optical & sighting equipment (range finders, boresights, etc.), Tactical cargo vehicles (HMMWV, Cargo trucks), Watercraft, Unmanned Ground Vehicles (all robots), Wheel assemblies, Tools (hand, pneumatic, & power), Purpose-built Handheld Breaching Equipment, Decontamination Equipment, Computers & peripherals, Camouflage & deception equipment, Radio & Telephone Equipment, Generators, Lighting & observation towers, Riot gear (helmets, face shields, fixed batons over 2 ft., wearable gear & shields), Capability Sets, and Camera Sets.