Public and Community Services


1220 S Bolton St.
Jacksonville, TX 75766

(903) 589-3510

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Name Title Email Phone
Bingham, Steven Wastewater Operator (903) 589-3510
Burney, Larry Wastewater pre-Treatment Coordinator (903) 339-3360
Causey, Brian Wastewater Operator (903) 589-3510
Cawthon, Rickey Water Plant Operator (903) 589-3510
Chandler, Randall Director of Community & Public Services (903) 339-3357
Crawford, George Water Production Manager (903) 589-3510
Freeny, Glenn Laborer (903) 589-3510
Gay, Brian Water Plant Operator (903) 589-3510
Harvest, Elvis Laborer (903) 589-3510
Hernandez, Rigoberto Equipment Operator (903) 589-3510
Hicks, Arthur Wastewater Operator (903) 589-3510
Hill, Sedric Wastewater Maintenance Helper (903) 589-3510
Jones, Royce Street Foreman (903) 589-3510
Jones, Daniel Wastewater Maintenance Helper (903) 589-3510
Knowlton, Danny Water Crew Supervisor (903) 589-3510
Mallard, Marvin Equipment Operator (903) 589-3510
Marks, Kristie Public Works Admin Assist (903) 589-3510
Mathis, Jeshua Meter Reader I (903) 589-3510
Meza, Bennie Cemetary Foreman (903) 589-3510
Miles, Barnett Laborer (903) 589-3510
Nemecio, Juan Street Maintenance (903) 589-3510
Pierce, Chad Signs & Lighting Technician (903) 339-3411
Reyes, Jesus Wastewater Maintenance Helper (903) 589-3510
Rhymes, Ronald Water Maintenance Helper (903) 589-3510
Salazar, Jesse Street Maintenance (903) 589-3510
Sanders, Jamerson Driver/Laborer (903) 589-3510
Schulze, Zeke Street Maintenance (903) 589-3510
Silvey, Chris Building Inspector (903) 339-3358
Thirkill, Desmian Wastewater Operator (903) 589-3510
Tussing, Zackery Meter Reader I (903) 589-3510
Watson, Jody Associate Director of Community & Public Services 903-339-3356
Worley, Brandon Parks Foreman (903) 586-3510 ex. 1230
Worley, James Streets Director (903) 339-3410

Republic Services 

440 Heath Lane
Jacksonville, TX 75766

Jacksonville, TX 75766

(903) 586-1449

Beginning January 1, 2019, the City of Jacksonville residential and commercial hand load trash collections will be contracted out with Republic Services.  This change will not affect your regular pickup days or service.

The change will provide more pick-up days and shorter operational hours in the residential neighborhoods.  Republic will not begin trash service earlier than 6:30 am, currently trash may be picked up as early as 4:00 am.  Republic will only observe three holidays (New Years’ Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day) and trash will be delayed only one day. See separate pickup schedule on the back of this letter.

All special route pickups (back door, medically necessary, alleyway pickup, etc.) will be honored.  It is possible that Republic will request new documentation; your service will not change unless you do not provide Republic with the requested information.

During this transition the time of your trash pickup may change, so please make sure your trash is out no later than 6:30 am, it is much better if you place your trash out the night before.  The amount or type of trash has not changed.  Trash must be in a container or bags, limbs must be bundled, and no construction trash will be picked up.

The city will still offer bulky pick up either monthly or on an as needed basis.  Both services are at an additional charge, as currently offered. 


1220 S. Bolton St.
Jacksonville, TX 75766

(903) 589-3510

Utility Billing 

Jacksonville, TX 75766

Jacksonville, TX 75766

(903) 589-3510

Name Title Email Phone
Boyd, Loretta Ann Customer Service Specialist (903) 339-3293
Francis, Helen Customer Service Specialist (903) 339-3291
Lane, Audra Utility Billing Supervisor (903) 339-3359
Lynn, Kimberly Utility Billing (903) 339-3360