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Lake Jacksonville

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Lake Jacksonville Campgrounds Map (PDF)


  1. Boat Ramps
  2. Camping
  3. Electricity
  4. Picnic Tables
  5. Restrooms
  6. Shelters
  7. Showers
  8. Water

About Lake Jacksonville

The City of Jacksonville Maintains the Lake Jacksonville Recreational Area Lake Jacksonville which is located about three miles from downtown Jacksonville and offers 1,325 acres of water. The lake is surrounded by homes and lovely East Texas scenery.

The Parks Department maintains ten screened shelters, seven camping sites with water and electricity and ten R.V. Pads with water and electricity. There are three boat ramps on the lake and two public swimming areas. The camping area also has restroom facilities with showers for the campers.

Geographical Specs

Lake Jacksonville is in the Neches River basin one-half mile southwest of Jacksonville in Cherokee County (centered at a point 31°55 feet N, 95°18 feet W).

The lake's capacity is normally 30,500 acre-feet, and its surface area at 422 feet above sea level is 1,320 acres. In emergencies the reservoir can be expanded to 46,500 acre-feet with a surface area of 1,760 acres. The lake has a drainage area of forty-one square miles. The soil around Lake Jacksonville is a sandy loam over red clay, and the area is wooded with mixed hardwood and pine trees.

The highways to Lake Jacksonville are west side of lake, follow 79W to FM747. East side of lake, take College Avenue (past Lon Morris College) to concession area (about 3 miles). For other southeast areas, follow S Bolton to FM 347 and then continue on FM2138.


The Lake Jacksonville Concession Area maintains:
  • Several screened shelters
  • Several camping sites with water and electricity
  • Ten R.V. pads with water and electricity
  • Three boat ramps on the lake
  • Two public swimming areas
  • Camping area has restroom facilities with showers for the campers. These can be rented by calling 903-589-3510 or by using our online reservations.
There are picnic tables in the public area, which is located by one of the swimming areas.
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